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Fegato Burro & Salvia (calves liver in butter & sage) £11.50

Rack of Lamb (cooked in wine, garlic and rosemary) £13.95

Sirloin Steak alla Pizzaiola (cooked in garlic, herbs and tomato sauce) £14.95

Filetto al Pepe Verde (fillet steak in peppercorns and red wine sauce) £15.95

Filetto al Dolcelatte (Fillet steak cooked in blue cheese and cream) £15.95

Filetto ai Funghi (fillet steak with mushrooms & red wine sauce) £15.95

Pollo Valdostana (chicken breast with ham, cheese & tomato sauce) £9.50

Pollo alla Sofia (chicken breast with cream, mushrooms and asparagus) £9.50

Veal Saltimboca (veal escalope topped with parma ham, sage & Madeira wine sauce) £10.50

Veal Milanese (veal escalope in breadcrumbs) £10.50

Veal Marchigiana (topped with aubergines, cheese and tomato sauce) £10.50

Nodino Burro e Salvia (veal chop butter & sage) £12.95

Selection of vegetables of the day or choice of salads – £3.00