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Special Starter


Fresh grilled sardines £5.95

Half dozen Oysters (served with shallots, tarragon and vinegar sauce) £9.50

Papaya with prawns and crab £6.95

Asparagi Milanese(fresh asparagus rolled with shoulder ham, butter and parmesan) £7.50

Fresh king scallops rolled in bacon £9.50

Risotto ai Porcini (risotto with wild mushrooms) £6.50 v

Fresh mussels £5.95

Funghi Trifolati (button mushrooms sautéed in garlic butter) £5.45

Gnocchi al dolcelatte (dumplings of potato pasta with dolcelatte cheese and cream) £6.50 v

Ravioloni ai Carciofi (large home- made ravioli filled with Artichokes and ricotta cheese, cooked in butter and sage) £6.50 v